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Don’t Fall Into the No Vacation Trap

When’s the last time you took a vacation? If you’re like many American workers, you can’t remember.

In 2013, American employees failed to take 4.9 of their allotted vacation days on average. Among those who did take all or part of their vacation time, 61% planned to work while they were out of the office.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 5.37.21 PMWhile these results may indicate we’re a nation of workaholics or that we hate facing a pile of work upon return, they likely reveal deeper issues. Today’s intense, fast-paced business culture makes employees feel pressured to work increased hours, fearing negative repercussions or loss of status if they take vacation days.

It’s not just employees. Company leaders aren’t taking vacation time either, a habit that carries throughout the entire organization.

Even more significant, many employees don’t have the means to take a vacation. Those with an illness or sick children quickly run out of sick time and are forced to use vacation time for health reasons, leaving no time for a relaxing break. Others simply don’t make enough to spend on a vacation or can’t afford the loss of hours that vacation would require.

Skipping vacation may be an easy habit to fall into, and even seem productive, but it is an unhealthy American trend. While other countries have vacation leave directly built into benefits packages and expect employees to use it, American companies are governed by their own policies, making it difficult (sometimes impossible) for employees to take a break. This failure to recharge takes a toll on workers, who suffer from increased exhaustion and threat of burnout.

American employers need to do their part to reverse this trend, starting with leaders setting a positive example and encouraging employees to do the same. If you’re an employee who rarely takes vacation time, make concrete plans and stick to them. You’ll return a happier and more productive worker – a positive result not only for you, but your employer as well.

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