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Executive and Employment Contracts

Most employees do not have a written employment contract, although some do. And as non-compete agreements have become more prevalent, so have employment contracts. Generally, an employment contracts is the first resort for considering an employee’s legal rights, options and risks. In specific instances, an employee handbook can be an implied contract.

Horton Law Firm attorneys have litigated wrongful termination cases arising from breach of contract, wage claims based upon failure to pay bonuses or commissions as provided by their employment contract, and we have tried non-compete cases with millions hanging in the balance.

Understand Your Severance Package

When employment ends, employers may present an employee with a severance agreement, which contains a provision for payment of severance, references, non-disparagement, and a release of claims. It is important to have an attorney review these severance agreements prior to signing.  What are the value of the claims you are giving up?  What standard terms should you insist on?  Should you demand reciprocity in all material obligations relating to confidentiality and non-disparagement?

Many times executives and professions (particularly physicians) have contracts with a stated term of employment.  This provides leverage “at will” employees do not have.  There may be other legal strategies to strengthen your position while you negotiate your exit or your next opportunity.  Many of these contracts also contain non-competes, non-solicits, and non-disclosure. Whatever it is, we have you covered.

South Carolina Employment Contract Lawyer

Located in downtown Greenville, Horton Law Firm has experienced employment lawyers who have reviewed hundreds of employment agreements, compensation agreements, settlement agreements, non-competes and severance agreements. We can advise you if you are negotiating an agreement or need to litigate a breach of contract case. If you have a contract you are negotiating or one that has been breached, contact us to set up an initial consultation.

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