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Wrongful Termination

When it comes to the question of wrongful termination for South Carolina employees, do you know your rights after being wrongfully fired from a job?

South Carolina is often touted as a top state for doing business, namely for its labor climate as a “right-to-work” state, which really means a “right to fire” state. “Employment at will” allows employers to terminate and employee “for a good reason, bad reason or no reason at all.” However, there are exceptions. These exceptions include claims involving express and implied employment contracts and employee handbooks, unlawful retaliation, age discrimination, sex discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, race discrimination, disability discrimination and a few other exceptions.

How do you know which option applies? You can Google it, but if you really want to know, you need a South Carolina wrongful termination attorney. Greenville wrongful termination attorney Jeremy Summerlin represents individuals, as well as locally owned businesses, with wrongful discharge cases in South Carolina state and federal courts.

Take Care with Information & Communication

A couple of quick pointers: Individuals should not destroy emails, but also understand that communications before and after termination probably will end up in the hands of opposing counsel. Cell phone records and social media can also be used in wrongful discharge matters, so folks need to be smart. If someone has been wronged, she should take the high road and not disparage her former employer or employees and management. After being terminated, it is not usually a good idea to take information from the workplace. If someone has a case, there will be a chance to get the information she needs. Realize if given the choice to quit, this probably will have an impact on someone’s legal options. Finally, if a person signs a release of claims, most likely that person will not be able to pursue legal action.

Experienced Greenville Wrongful Termination Lawyer Jeremy Summerlin

As the breadwinner, you and your family depend on your job to earn a living and in many cases, for your health care. What about your professional reputation? You cannot afford to allow someone to terminate your employment in violation of the law. Jeremy Summerlin has successfully litigated wrongful discharge cases in both state and federal courts. Jeremy has practiced labor and employment law in Greenville for nearly 10 years. Jeremy takes his cases personally.

Truthfully, most cases never make it to a jury trial; negotiated severance packages and settlement agreements are the norm. But, to get the most value and best deal, you need someone who has “been there and done that” inside the courtroom. However, if you don’t have a case, you need to know that as well. And the sooner the better. If you have been terminated, you need honest counsel. Horton Law Firm, located in downtown Greenville, has been offering quality representation for 46 years, and we are committed to helping South Carolina employees who need a wrongful discharge lawyer.

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