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Antipsychotic Overuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing home patients should never be prescribed a medication out of convenience, especially ones with great risks, like a psychotropic.

However, a recent study performed by University of Michigan Geriatric Psychiatrist Donovan Maust found that seniors are getting prescribed more psychiatric medications than necessary, and non-medication approaches are often being ignored.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.27.44 PMThe problem is that psychotropic drugs pose great risks to the elderly, and non-drug approaches, from therapy to meditation, can be as effective as psychotropic medications without the risks.

Though antipsychotic overuse is not limited to nursing homes, elderly patients are especially vulnerable to its effects. Their frailty and age make it difficult for them to bounce back from complications.

It’s time that nursing homes across the country, including those in South Carolina, reexamine their treatment plans and begin evaluating antipsychotic use to optimize effectiveness and limit risks. These programs are becoming more popular at hospitals but are still rare in nursing homes.

Nursing home patients deserve careful, conscientious care, and it’s time to take steps to ensure they receive it.

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