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The Horton Law Firm represents individuals, businesses and governmental entities in a variety of land use, condemnation and regulatory matters that impact the property rights of Upstate citizens. If you feel your property is being unlawfully seized, purchased or condemned, you need an aggressive, experienced lawyer on your side.

Defending property rights in Greenville

Our attorneys assist property owners in obtaining fair market value for property that has been taken for a public purpose, otherwise known as eminent domain. In eminent domain cases in South Carolina, a local government forces property owners to sell their property for what the government feels is a fair value. The land is then supposed to be used for the public good, including projects like building roads and highways, supplying utilities, or general public development, economic development, or civic use (such as schools or updated zoning for future growth). However, what the government feels is fair value is not always what the property owner wants, and many owners would rather not sell. Having an aggressive, experienced lawyer on your side can ensure owners receive a fair value, and governments don’t overreach.

Lawyers who know Greenville

The attorneys at Horton Law Firm live and work in Greenville and around the Upstate of South Carolina. Our lawyers sit on boards and commissions related to the growth and development of the Greenville area. Therefore, we know the players, the problems, the developments and the plans for Upstate South Carolina. We will fight for the rights of property owners in the area with a personal touch that comes from calling this place home.

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