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Horton Law Firm Blog An Ounce of Prevention: Tips for Getting Better Nursing Home Care

An Ounce of Prevention: Tips for Getting Better Nursing Home Care

Nobody I know prefers a lawsuit over prevention of harm; of course, sometimes we have little control and cannot prevent all the threats to our safety and health.  Having a family member in a nursing home may be one of those times when we have little control. However, we are not helpless and can do some things to improve the chances of getting better care.  You no doubt have heard the now cliche “trust but verify.”  When it comes to nursing home care I think we are better of not trusting and still verifying.

There are good people who work in nursing homes, but too many times corporate decisions provide these employees with inadequate resources to provide the care needed all the time.  So, we must be proactive.  How exactly do you recognize the warning signs of abuse and neglect?  What else? Ask questions.  More questions.  Inform yourself.  This short video contains a couple other of ideas on confronting your doubts about the care your loved one is receiving.  

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