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Horton Law Firm Blog Lights, Camera, Law Practice: A Video Introduction

Lights, Camera, Law Practice: A Video Introduction

I love the opportunities that technology offers the consumers of professional services.  As it relates to law, technology allows people to gather information about their legal rights, make an informed decision about whether to seek legal advice, and compare and contrast lawyers through the online presence of each.  However, there are some things that the written word and still photos on a website cannot communicate.  Video contains a little additional insight into people and their personalities and it is ideal for communicating helpful information in short, usable chunks.  My practice is set to use video toward both ends.

First, this video is an introduction to my law practice.  Chief Storyteller Bobby Rettew sat down with me and shot some video while we simply discussed the life and business of law.  Bobby did an edit to give an honest and professional introduction to me and my law practice.  We hope that it gives you a glimpse of what my law practice represents; combined with the other information available on my blogs and my website, I think you will be able to make better informed decisions when choosing legal services. And we wanted to do it in an authentic way and so, no scripts.

Second, I am set to release a series of unscripted video infoclips called Law Bytes.  Each Law Byte will be about 1.5 minutes.  Each will deal with a general question or topic in the areas of nursing home neglect and abuse, employment law, legal consumer basics, and other topics related to contract, negligence and technology.  These will appear in various places, but will be rolled out on (And these too are Bobby Rettew productions.)

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