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The Greenville Employment Lawyers at the Horton Law Firm understand that employees often feel underrepresented in modern labor laws. Employment laws are written by employers and for employers, rooted in the medieval concept of “master and servant.” But South Carolina offers some legal protections for workers. Federal law provides even more protections.  If you have a legal dispute with an employer, you need an experienced employment lawyer on your side to do the research, know the legal remedies, and fight for your case – without wasting time or money.

The Greenville employment lawyers at the Horton Law Firm handle a variety of employment matters.

Types of Employment Law

ADA Disability Violations

Age Discrimination (ADEA)

Breach of Contract

Employment Discrimination

(including Age Discrimination and Pregnancy Discrimination)

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Executive and Employment Contracts

Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Violations

Non-Compete Agreements

Overtime & Minimum Wage Claims

(Fair Labor Standards Act)

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Race Discrimination (Title VII)

Retaliation & Whistleblowers

Negotiation of Severance Packages

Sexual Harassment & Sexual Discrimination

Unpaid Commission / Bonuses

(Wage Theft)

Wage and Hour Disputes

(including Failure to Pay Wages, Commissions or Bonuses)

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Wrongful Termination

The Horton Law Firm’s Employment Law Legal Team has over 30 years of combined employment law experience. Jeremy Summerlin has over seven years of employment law experience and has been identified as a South Carolina SuperLawyers Rising Star in employment litigation for 2018-2021. South Carolina Employment Lawyer Andy Arnold of the Horton Law Firm has practiced employment litigation for 28 years. He has a track record of success inside and outside of the courtroom and will bring that experience to work for you. This team of accomplished employment lawyers accepts employment matters after a case evaluation.

Trial-Ready Greenville employment lawyers

Not every employment matter requires a courtroom to get a fair outcome. Negotiation can lead to fair results with less of an investment of time and money. However, if you want your employer to take you seriously, you want an employment lawyer with litigation experience and a track record of success.

This is the value of the Horton Law Firm’s employment litigation team: We have successfully tried employment cases in state and federal courts. Andy Arnold, a veteran employment litigator, and Jeremy Summerlin, a South Carolina SuperLawyers Rising Star, will provide you with high-quality representation for a reasonable fee. This team of experienced employment lawyers and paralegals will ensure your case is well-researched and thoroughly documented.

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