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If you’ve just bought a newly constructed home in South Carolina, the last thing you want to face is the prospect of underlying construction defects in the house due to the negligence of a homebuilder. Unfortunately, for many new homeowners, that’s exactly what they face in the months and years following a new purchase. 

For most people, purchasing a new house can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life when you factor in the costs of purchase, the difficulties in moving locations, and the purchase process itself (contracts, negotiation, prices, etc.). Many people buy new homes to avoid certain repairs and remodeling that might be required in buying a more established house. But in some cases, even new houses will have underlying construction defects that can cause serious havoc to a homeowner’s life. 

What Are Some Examples of Construction Defects for South Carolina Homes?

A construction defect is work performed on your home that fails to meet the required standard of construction under South Carolina law. All contractors are required by law to abide by certain standards of performance when working on your home, which includes their obligations to build the home that is habitable and to perform their jobs in accordance with the South Carolina building code and industry standards. 

You may notice somedefects immediately, but other construction defects may not be visible or obvious for several years. An underlying construction defect, such as improper soil compaction for example, may not be noticeable to a homeowner until the defect causes other damage in your home. 

Construction defects can include: 

  • soil compaction issues beneath a foundation that causes settling issues and excessive cracking
  • leaking roofs due to poor installation
  • moisture and mold problems
  • leaking windows
  • heat and air conditioning systems that don’t perform
  • yards that hold water and don’t drain

What Causes Construction Defects?

Typically, these types of construction defects in South Carolina are caused by the negligence of homebuilders and their various subcontractors. Examples of causes are:

  • Negligent construction work
  • Use of defective building materials
  • Negligent architectural, design, or engineering work
  • Negligent soil analysis or soil compaction

South Carolina Construction Defects Lawyer

If you are facing a construction defect in your home that threatens to endanger you and your family’s health and safety, you need a South Carolina Construction Defect Lawyer to defend your rights as a homeowner and who knows what is required to bring a successful case against negligent builders in South Carolina. You have every right to expect that your home will be free from construction defects and shoddy, negligent work by builders.

South Carolina Construction Defects Lawyer Jeremy R. Summerlin represents homeowners throughout the Upstate of South Carolina in construction defect claims. Call our office today to provide more information about your claim.

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