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Horton Law Firm Blog Employee Free Choice Act: Restoring a Balance of Power

Employee Free Choice Act:  Restoring a Balance of Power

laborimage1On February 19th, I wrote a column, Eroding Employee Rights Has Opened Door for Unions for the Greenville News in support of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which began:

Never before in my almost 17 years of representing employees with work-related disputes have I gotten so many calls. So many I can’t take them all: People not getting paid for the hours they work, not getting commissions for sales as promised, and being fired for no reason at all. I have met with more people in a 90-day period who have been fired for no fault of their own, but who on the way out the door were presented with a noncompete agreement signed months or years earlier under threat of discharge. Employers who do such things cannot blame employees when they call an employment attorney or when they join forces and form a union.

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