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Horton Law Firm Blog Do I Need A South Carolina Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

Do I Need A South Carolina Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

As a South Carolina sexual harassment lawyer, I regularly meet with employees in Greenville and across the Upstate who have suffered from sexual harassment and retaliation in their workplace. In 2019, in the age of #MeToo and Harvey Weinstein and all of the other long-overdue public exposure of predatory sexual behavior that has so often been silenced, it’s heartening to see so many people coming forward with their own stories, bringing light to what predators had counted on remaining in darkness. Sexual harassment in the workplace especially is a serious problem, but early statistics from the EEOC indicate that more women are filing charges with the EEOC against their abusers and harassers.

Female employees in South Carolina often face a variety of types of sexual harassment in the workplace, from sexual comments to stalking to unwanted touching to receiving unsolicited pictures of genitals. Employees may also be subjected to quid pro quo sexual harassment, where a supervisor promises a promotion or raise or better working conditions in exchange for sexual favors. And, if an employee complains about sexual harassment, the supervisor or the company often retaliates against the employee by firing the employee or otherwise making that employee’s life miserable. There’s a reason that the number one basis for EEOC charges most years is RETALIATION. The fear of retaliation is justified, which causes under reporting of harassment and discrimination. And for many employees, navigating the complaint process–from internal complaints with HR to external charges of discrimination with the EEOC–can be incredibly frustrating.

Like most employment cases, South Carolina employees have to start any legal action against their employer by filing a charge of discrimination with the EEOC (the federal agency) or with the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission (SCHAC) within 300 days of the harassment or retaliation. After six months, the employee can request the Notice of Right to Sue and can bring a lawsuit in state or federal court. In my experience, having a South Carolina sexual harassment lawyer representing you during the EEOC/SCHAC process is tremendously helpful in moving the charge forward more quickly and efficiently. And, if the company is inclined to negotiate, your lawyer assist you in obtaining a favorable settlement. If not, then your lawyer can assist you in filing the lawsuit itself.

But employment laws can be complex and are generally more tilted in favor of an employer, which is why having a skilled South Carolina sexual harassment lawyer fighting for you is so important in sexual harassment and other employment law cases. The sexual harassment lawyers at the Greenville-based Horton Law Firm know the state and federal laws that are designed to protect South Carolina employees from sexual harassment, and they have experience in fighting the big companies across South Carolina that have permitted a culture of sexual harassment and discrimination to flourish.

Sexual harassers count on their actions making you feel alone and helpless. But you’re not. The law provides a remedy for sexual harassment in South Carolina. Let us help you assert your rights and hold these wrongdoers to account.

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