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Horton Law Firm Blog Top 10 Employment Law Blog Posts for 2023

 | Top 10 Employment Law Blog Posts for 2023

Time to review our top 10 employment law blog posts for 2023!

As your favorite South Carolina employment lawyer/blogger, I’m responsible for all blog post content on our website. I research it, I write it, I post it on social media. Does this mean I have phenomenal cosmic power?


But as the year winds down and we prepare to forge our litigious little swords into Yuletide plowshares, I wanted to look back and see what the top most popular blog posts on our website were for 2023. In looking at the stats, it’s clear that our most highly read blog posts are also some our oldest, as Google tends to favor older, more established content in providing search results. So I’ll break this list down into the most popular blog posts posted THIS year and the most popular blog posts that are published in prior years but still getting those sweet, sweet clicks and eyeballs.

Most Popular Employment Law Blog Posts Written in 2023

1.  Recovering Unpaid Commissions in South Carolina, published October 9, 2023. One of my newer posts this year, I have to say that the information in this blog post clearly hit home with South Carolina employees. South Carolina has a separate law just for unpaid commissions, and the nuances of that law are well worth delving into.

2.  Does Sméagol Have Disability Discrimination Claim Under the ADA?, published October 3, 2023. I truly enjoy writing these more pop culture focused posts, as I think they’re a great way to convey some important information about the Americans with Disabilities Act while also making Tolkien-related puns.

3.  Gender Dysphoria is a Protected Disability under the ADA, published October 27, 2023. I haven’t seen a whole lot of blogs about this new change in Fourth Circuit law, but after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to get involved, the Fourth Circuit’s ruling from 2022–finding that gender dysphoria can be a disability under the ADA–remains the law in South Carolina.

4.  The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for South Carolina Employees, published September 11, 2023.  I saw a lot of traction with this informative post, which makes sense, given that I receive many calls every week about FMLA violations that South Carolina employees are dealing with.

5.  Can a South Carolina Company Look at an Employee’s Text Messages?, published September 27, 2023. A timely post, I think, as the underlying case I discussed in the post actually went to trial in October 2023 here in Greenville and resulted in a jury finding that the Stored Communication Act HAD been violated, but awarded no money in damages.

Most Popular Employment Law Blog Posts in 2023 that Were Written in Prior Years

1.  The Contents of Non-Compete Agreements for South Carolina Employees, published March 31, 2021. Far and away the most viewed blog post I’ve written. I’ve blogged extensively about non-compete agreements for South Carolina employees, mainly because I review so many of them for clients. Even though the law may change in the future about whether non-competes get limited or banned altogether, right now in South Carolina, companies still make heavy and often abusive use of these documents. More than one employee I’ve met with has mentioned they found me through these blog posts, so I guess they’re working!

2.  The Contents of Severance Agreements Explained for South Carolina Employees, published February 11, 2019. I reviewed many, many severance agreements for South Carolina employees every week, and my hope is through that consultation process with the employees, I can help make a difficult and confusing and emotional time a little easier. The agreements are often long and complicated, so I always recommend that employees make sure they understand what they’re signing before they affixed that signature. Plus, there’s a decent change the employee may have additional legal claims that can be used to negotiate for a more fair severance amount.

3.  Navigating the EEOC Process for South Carolina Employees, published March 9, 2021. Another perennial favorite post, as most employees don’t even realize that they can have an attorney throughout the EEOC gamut. So I wrote this primer a few years back to help guide employees through that normally-frustrating process.

4.  Do I Need a South Carolina Wage Unpaid Wages Lawyer?, published March 5, 2021. The answer: yes. Wage theft by a company is a problem for many employees in South Carolina, and having an employment lawyer review your situation is always recommended.

5.  Damages in a South Carolina Sexual Harassment Case, published March 8, 2021. One of the emotionally troubling cases I handle are those involving sexual harassment against a South Carolina employee. And I see a lot of them on a regular basis. In this post, I’ve explained the various remedies and damages that an employee can seek in a sexual harassment claim.

I’ve enjoyed writing these posts, and I hope to continue blogging on employment issues in the upcoming year.

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